You Look Stunning



image.jpegAh now previously I mentioned a wedding and I feel it’s only right to explain how the best day of my life was in fact the ugliest of my life.
Now before I start lets get one-thing clear (isn’t  that a song , boom shake the room I believe) I loved my wedding day, I married my soulmate whilst carrying my daughter , in the womb I might add ,not as a bouquet, surround by the people I love the most. Enough of the mush because here comes the killer.
On my wedding day no one said to me `you look stunning` because I didn’t. In fact when I walked down the stairs in front of my family I heard `you look like something out of gypsy wedding` thanks dad! No tears from people just the mundane you look lovely, you look great blah de blah.
So you see I feel a little bit robbed. In my eyes your wedding is supposed to be your wow moment, your I know I look better than any of these other birds kinda moment. But I felt nothing but hideous.
Call me shallow but I wanted that on my wedding day, for me that was part of the plan. Instead I got the call of the cloak of invisibility and the dreaded knowledge that my bridesmaids actually looked better than me.
I even had a little spat at the photographer, she couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go and pose for a million photos, I blamed the pregnancy but really I wanted to scream at her `no photos because I look like a chubby turtle playing dress up` How do you make someone understand your happier than you’ve ever been but you loathe your appearance.
If I am correct it’s about now people are shouting at the screen saying, I don’t believe her , every bride is beautiful . Well we all know that isn’t true, come on admit it you’ve been to a wedding and done that `oh` sound when you see the bride in her dress because you were expecting to say wow!
So part of my journey is going to find my wow moment. When that cloak comes off I want the reaction I denied myself of on my wedding day

I wander how much it costs to renew your vows………..

2 responses to “You Look Stunning”

  1. Hilarious! Love your honesty. Can’t wait for your next post


  2. Well as someone who was there I thought you looked gorgeous. I too was a bigger bride, I figured that if he loved me big he’d love me whatever, and I wish I’d looked better too. But remember it was just one day and you have married the love of your life and that is for ever!!! Please don’t have any regrets of that amazing day, I do understand how you feel but please don’t allow these feelings to erode your memories of a lovely day xxxxx


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