Zumba saved me….

I have been having a really shit few days,  I can’t think of another word to describe it sorry if any offence is caused .

nothing happened , no tragedy , no life altering event.

I just felt like everything was wrong and there was no way I’d ever be able to feel happy about myself again. If you couple this with a teething toddler and sleep deprivation you get the picture.

Have you ever feel that way? I hope someone reading this has and please feel free to share ……

My clothes were against me, nothing matched or suited me. My acne decided it was time for a call and well I can’t even begin to explain the birds nest that was my ‘go to’ hair do.

I spent most of the days  feeling the cloak of invisibility had really got me good and there wasn’t much I could about it.

So I dragged my sorry butt to a Zumba class. I had to go on a Wednesday as Monday was full, as you can imagine this added to my woe is my attitude !

The zumba class made me cry. I didn’t cry out loud, I did that thing where you focus really hard on what your’e doing and pray for the best.

I was in a room of about 25 women, all different, shy ones, flamboyant ones, older, younger, fitter, beginners, you name it they were in that studio.

The instructor walked in and she had a cloak on. Except hers was a cloak of positivity, she gleamed. I literally mean it she had this electric presence. Then all the regulars piped up and they had it too. She started the class and  it stayed his way . Women were happy and laughing and an aurora of excitement, hard work and positivity filled the room.

It was as if for this hour nothing mattered but smiling and having fun. And the is why Zumba saved me. Because I caught some of that energy , a little bit of my soul was awakened. No one cared about appearance or weight in that moment. And if they did then they hid it well. Women were just together and happy.

I’ve stolen some of this magic energy and it’s really helping. I’ve actually lost 3lb this week and been maki a concious effort to be kinder to me.

I’m not sure if its mind over matter, magic or just the power of positivity. But I can assure you I will be there next week stealing more xx



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