I got a bit angry…

I got a bit angry , now if you know me you will know I am regularly getting red in the face about some cause or issue, but this made me really angry, then it made me cry

‘can anyone tell me how I can get rid of my caesarean scar, holiday in six months and need gone!’

This was a question that someone posted on one social media site, in a group that discusses being mummies and such like. First I want to make it clear that I do not know this person, I’m not trying to shame this person, I just want to tell you how it made me feel.

When I first read it I thought what a total selfish , ungrateful bitch. That is the truth. I thought this person doesn’t  deserve this scar and then I started tapping away an angry and horrible reply.

Luckily I stopped myself before I hit the comment button. What made me stop was the tears that were falling from my now mascara smudged eyes. I was crying for my own scar.

I never thought my baby would come. I thought I would be childless , in fact I was told it was highly likely I could be. Then eventually I got pregnant and I spent nine months pretty much scared to move. Then right as I was about to hit the finish line and after a night I never want to repeat we had to have an emergency caesarean.

I wear my scar as a badge of honour. It’s a constant reminder to me that miracles happen and I never want mine to go away , ever. As soon as my daughter is old enough I will be showing mine to her and I will be telling her that I am so immensely proud of it because it gave her safe passage into this world. I will tell her I treasure it and I am thankful to the universe for the surgeon and her team who made it possible. I’ll probably have another little cry and she will roll her beautiful blue eyes at me and carry on texting on her phone.

If I had a holiday coming up, which I don’t (hint hint husband ) then I would wear my scar with bells on, I would be flashing it in my bikini, fat rolls and all. I might even make it into some sort of body art. My scar is my miracle.

P.S  I  know the scar isn’t a blessing for every woman. I know some women would give anything to not see theirs but this is just how I feel about mine  x



3 responses to “I got a bit angry…”

  1. Mine is a zip, as I have used it twice. It’s tiny and very low (so bit concerned what the woman was planning on wearing on holiday?) as my first princess excited and then subsequently left for heaven, by bump shrunk and it was a lasting ‘tattoo’ of her presence.
    Modern medicine is at times beautiful.
    I don’t love my scar, but I don’t dislike it either – they say a scar tells a story and mine has 2 miracle baby ‘beginnings’ behind it.


  2. Thursday's Childe Avatar
    Thursday’s Childe

    Mine is horizontal, in the natural crease just above my pubes. If I flashed it on holiday I’d be done for indecent exposure! Seriously, I was devastated when told at the eleventh hour that I needed a ceasarian because my first baby had flipped into the breach position and I had a narrow pelvis. I’d done months of National Childbirth Classes and was looking forward to a natural birth. But now my scar is very precious to me, I wouldn’t want to erase it even if it were right under my belly button.


    1. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. Xx


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