Why cant we say the word P****D?

Lately during my late night blog searching, internet stalking and newspaper reading, I have come across a very confusing subject. Why can’t anyone seem to call a period a period?

In a world where we are happy to call each other the most vulgar names referring to our most private parts why can’t we say the name of something that we all know happens to most women once a month!

So I am going to do something radical


There, one for every month of the year. Now whilst I am not going to update my various sources of social media when I am on my period, I am going to continue using the word as I can’t fathom out what the worlds problem is.

When I have eaten a whole bar of galaxy chocolate (mega size) I might even write on my blog  #bloodyperiod. #periodsarestupid #periodpainmadness or words to that effect.

Not that it generally comes up in conversation. But if it does I shall use the word ‘ Period’ and I shall teach my daughter to use the word to prevent such nonsense as

‘Mummy my lady flow is causing me grief, can you pass the chocolate biscuits?’


ps. I haven’t wanted to write about some of the names people call a period for fear of offence , but if you think lady flow, painters and decorators, or supporting Japan are suitable alternatives then can we have a chat? x



14 responses to “Why cant we say the word P****D?”

  1. discoveringsooz Avatar

    Reblogged this on discoveringsooz and commented:
    I love any period related honesty…as you guys already know!

    Give this a read!

    Love Sooz x


  2. #menopause #periodfree #yes


  3. sharlenestromberg Avatar

    Hahaha!!! When my daughter was about 18 months, she decided to walk in on me in the bathroom and I was on my period. I am sure she’d walked in on me multiple times prior, but this day she noticed my “owie” so I just explained what it was.

    The next day, we were at the pharmacy where she saw some maxipads and proudly announced to everyone around us, “My mommy needs these for her period!” I laughed, the old lady next to me about fainted! No one knew quite what to say . . . Good times, good times!!!

    Btw . . . The only terms I used to describe my period is “Freddy Kruger is having a party in my pants!” Or “It’s a crime scene down there!” I’m morbid though . . .


    1. Hilarious !! It’s just all so bloody normal! And don’t get me started on the phrase ‘star week ‘ x

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  4. Love this. As a pelvic floor physical therapist my job all day is discuss periods, menstruation, genitals, urinary and bowel function, etc. etc. with my patients. Thank you for supporting the fact that these are not taboo things. They’re natural and normal.
    – xoxo @kkhealthyfit

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  5. I hardly had to suffer through any “lady days” due to early surgery so sort of a blessing really.


  6. I think saying period can be whispered but saying ‘I have a problem with my period’ is a no-no which sucks when you have a problem…
    Enjoy the chocolate 😋


    1. Hey thanks for your comment! Interested to hear your thoughts on why saying you have a problem with your period is a no – no xxx


      1. It’s not for me, obviously, but talking about infertility, problem periods or the menopause isn’t really something women engage actively in much- considering how common these are


  7. This ridiculous inability to use plain speech must stop. Period.


    1. Here here! Someone labelled it Shark Week on a famous social media site! It’s PERIOD! X


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    except this post gives pleasant understanding yet.


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