Why aren’t we all on the same team?

Something has made me cross this week. In fact it pissed me off. I think I got so mad about it because I don’t understand it.  Then of course my overactive brain started thinking that the problem was much bigger than the one that caused me to have to have a two finger Twix for my tea!

I am a hard worker, and a team player. I’m not afraid to say that. I give you my best when I am at work. I do everything that is asked of me ,  and more if needed. I will work at home if I have to to achieve a goal, and I am pretty sure if you ask any boss I have worked for (apart from that stint in a Coca-Cola call centre) they will tell you the same.

What I don’t profess to be is early for work,  good at IT and I am pretty rubbish at spell checking emails, I also possibly have a habit of marking books in pink and purple because it looks nice.

However I am not a slacker, skiver or one of those lazy irritating idiots (there is a stronger word to be inserted here but I don’t want to offend either of the 2 people who possibly read my blog ) who think they work the hardest and actually do sod all, but by god they make a living out of moaning about it.

I have started a new job, well it’s not really a new job. I went from temp to permanent. I work in a school so even with my timekeeping I get there before the children come in and if I have nothing else to do, I leave after the little darlings are all safely in the hands of their parents, carer’s etc. Anything I need to do I will at home if necessary, that’s just how I roll.

So far pretty boring right, nothing to get angry about.

But one day last week I was maneuvering my car out of the school gates when someone I worked with literally threw themselves on my car bonnet (well you know what I mean) and said to me in the pouring rain, ”and where do you think your going?” I sat there in my aging Fiat and said ‘Pardon’ they then repeated as they looked at their watch ‘ Where are you going’  I replied ‘I am going home’

Was this person my boss, no

Was this person concerned for my welfare, no

Was this person checking if I was skiving- yes

I felt a red rage on the way home. Not because they were checking on the time I was leaving, I have nothing to hide, but because why aren’t we all on the same team? Why are people bothered about when others are going home? Why aren’t we saying, see you later you have worked hard today, in a tough environment that pushes us all to the limit some times.

Why are we now spying on each other ? This isn’t just about this incident, I mean yeah I was absolutely gobsmacked that this person was so interested in my comings and goings, (I might buy said person a sparkly notebook and a Parker pen, you know to help them really keep an up to date record) it is that as people we just seem to be so against each other right now.

Even in the supermarket, it really is like taking your life into your own hands. Killer trolleys, lane hogging and fights over reduced food. Even getting bashed up by people who think that it is acceptable to ram you out-of-the-way to get to their jar of Branston Pickle. Lifts! The race to get in the lift, if your inside you literally have to play challenge Anika to get out before it fills up again and you get crushed by a door! All for wanting to visit the knickers department of M and S.

Social media is a den of I am better than you, my shoes cost more, people slagging each other off for their life choices. I just can’t help but wonder when we all stopped being on the same team? why aren’t we all nicer to each other, more supportive? Why don’t we wave each other of from work and not be suspicious that we have worked one minute less than someone else.

I am by no means saying we should all start free love on the free love high way (a nod to Ricky Gervais) but I do think we need to have a serious think about how we are all treating each other.

And who knows the world might just be that bit brighter for us all. (well at least when we want to look at knickers anyway.)



One response to “Why aren’t we all on the same team?”

  1. That is so funny. I can just see it happening exactly as you describe 😉 Kx


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