Once Upon a Christmas fatty …..

Ah, it’s the season to be jolly! I bloody love Christmas, all of it!

The tree, the presents, the 2,3 or 4 party dresses you have to buy, the sales, the wine, the buffet, the lights, the school holidays and the promise of a new year and new opportunities and new beginnings and a whole page of your story unwritten.

But this year I feel a bit of a stirring people like our old mate Otis said ‘Change gonna come’.

You see for as long as I can remember my new years resolution has been to lose weight blah blah, new year new me! (same twat lol) how chuffing boring. I regularly get to January the 2nd (no diet ever started on new years day surely!) and buy some crazy work out gear, fill my trolley with cardboard, I mean diet food,and vow to be a new me by my birthday.

Not this year.

I am so so sick of setting un-attainable and quite frankly bollocks goals for myself that I wont reach, will depress me when I don’t and not to mention the amount of money I am wasting on said goals. So this year I am going to follow a to do list when that bell chimes on New Years eve. It looks like this

  1. Be the best person I can be in a world that is hell bent on making us all be bitches to each other

That’s it.

Because when I watched a group of children grateful and crying with happiness over a black bag of toys that the school had given them, meaning they would get something on Christmas day, and when I thought about some of the challenging times some of my family and dearest, dearest friends are going through,and when I thought about all the hatred and bullshit politics and injustice going on in this world, the sexual harassment, the corruption, the poverty and the hurt.

Not once did I think ‘ and if i was thinner all this would go away’

Merry Christmas x





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