Wash ya hands , ya filthy animal….

So we are in the middle of a pandemic, epidemic , media frenzy. I’m not normally one to bother with hype, keep well, eat your greens and WASH YOUR HANDS blah blah blah, if I get I, get it attitude.

However, what I am just in disbelief over , is that we are having to tell people to wash their bleeding hands!

I’m sorry are we actually saying that there are some people who don’t take part in this basic standard of hygiene!

Honestly; I’m gobsmacked.

But what is more alarming is my own reaction to this and the habit I am forming …. I keep looking at people thinking, is he a washer? I bet she isn’t, surely they haven’t been in there long enough to have sang happy birthday twice and I’m not ashamed to admit I have even been a judgy Judy when in a public toilet. I tutted at a woman in Sainsbury’s toilet for not using soap! I could have been slapped! I could have found myself in a right situation and I don’t know how to stop it ! Because washing your hands is bloody imperative!!! I’m on the verge of writing to Chat magazine , they can run a story on me ‘My Obsession with public hand!washing…. the watered down version.

Also whilst I’m on this rant, why would you not want to wash your hands? Why would you think it’s ok not to after a little wee (or worse) if anyone knows the answer please let me know!

Seriously though, people , wash ya hands ya filthy animals.

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