Lockdown Loser

I keep walking round my house singing Akon’s classic ‘been locked upppppp, won’t let me out….. won’t let me out…….’ Which of course is neither big nor clever, I haven’t worn a scrap of make up in three weeks, I reckon I’ve out on about a stone and I’ve actually got as bruise on my head from wearing a top knot everyday. So I have affectionately given myself the new title ‘Lockdown Loser’

But I am going to say something that I am not sure makes any sense, on some messed up and quite frankly strange level, I am enjoying being quarantined. Can I even say that? I mean, I don’t mean I enjoy the absolute tragedy that this bastard of a virus is causing people, I don’t enjoy the ache in my heart when I stand on my nan’s driveway, wishing I could go and sit in her living room and put the world to rights, I don’t enjoy watching friends who are key workers give their souls everyday to keep us safe.

But I do enjoy the fact that this time in our lives has made me stop.  Made us stop.

I mean how bloody bonkers is it really, that we just woke up one day and got told, you have to stay at home. The world you know and live is stopping.

I suddenly found myself thinking : a lot.

It was as if , I needed a stop the world and I want to get off , and I know lots of people have felt this too.

Lockdown as reaffirmed for me one of my favourite sayings “your health is your wealth”

It doesn’t really matter does it , the car, the shoes, the money in the bank, the size of your top knot.

Because no one is immune to bad health.

So we will keep washing our hands, follow the rules (for once) We will keep being safe, but I’m going to ease up on the top knots …… the NHS is busy right now xx




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