Lockdown Lard……

It’s started, well it started a few weeks ago. I think to be fair it never really stopped.

I am a chubby girl and I am aware that in lockdown I may have put on a few extra pounds. I am short, I look at food and gain weight and have been this way through my whole life.

But if I am honest, for the first time I’m not bothered. It’s taken me a long time to feel that way and to feel like that feels almost like a revelation.

I’m  grateful that I’m coming out of lockdown ALIVE, healthy and with my family around me.

Yet I find it so bizarre that we are about to enter one of the most happiest times, after a year of pure darkness, and already the diet culture vultures are out in full force saying that we need to lose weight NOW and using that old chestnut that we should have a summer body like yesterday! We should also have lost 4 stone and gained a six pack during lock down and not the dreaded lock down lard (which is actually a phrase coined by a well -known weight loss company!)

 After everything we’ve been through surely  we should be focusing on being happy, being kind and looking after each other. Now I’m not saying that diet products and certain plans and things don’t work for people , I know people who’ve had lots of success on various well known diet plans in the short term but we all know the only way to lose weight is the burn off more calories then the food you put in in your gob. Yet we look on social media magazines and there’s still people trying to sell the dream in a pill or a powder or a tea that deep down  you know is completely unattainable and  completely misleading for people.

 What enrages me is that it’s constantly picking on the vulnerable isn’t it ,it’s constantly picking on the emotion coming out of lock down and insecurities and all to make a quick buck. Because if the real aim was to help people and make them feel as good as these plonkers then why does it cost so much and why isn’t the NHS endorsing it?

Do you think when I reunite with my bestest friends and people who I love and care about and have worried about through this whole pandemic but the first thing that they’re going to look at me and is okay you need to get some weight loss tea because you’ve put on a couple of pounds?

 No the first thing we will all  be thinking is I am so happy that you are alive and I have missed you so much.

Now I’m not advocating for poor health let’s get this out of the way. If your weight is contributing to ill health and you need to lose weight to be healthy then that is a no brainer, but in a controlled and safe way is the only key for long lasting change. Mindset and actual medical advice, not  taking a shake that will  see you on the toilet for four days after being told by some celebrity( who’s probably sitting with a secret gastric band) that you two could look like me in a week!

 It’s not on and I I think that we we’ve got a big responsibility to our young people, girls and boys, that this complete farce they’re selling has to stop

 What saddens me deeply is the use of lockdown as an excuse to begin an onslaught of peddling this rubbish.

 Ever since Boris announced that today we are allowed to mix with six outside I’ve seen a huge rise in article’s from charlatans, and let’s face it they are charlatans,  touting the dream.

It is in bad taste, morally wrong and damaging and I for one will continue to call out this rubbish wherever I see it, right after this donut xx

One response to “Lockdown Lard……”

  1. I absolutely feel you. This was my experience of people judging others rather than just being happy that we all came out of this relatively unscathed. I think when it comes down to it humans are downright unfeeling or narrow minded.


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